“This is an excellent way to understand how business really works.”

Richard Barker, Professor of Accounting, Saïd Business School


Richard Barker, Saïd Business School

“I’m a full time engineering undergraduate and I found this accelerated approach to learning financial aspects of business ideal for my needs. The course teaches you the inter-connectivity of cashflow, income statement and balance sheet items and the importance of managing each of them.”

Channa Gunasekera, Student


Channa Gunasekera, Student

“The course has such value in explaining and demonstrating what has traditionally been a dry subject in a new and innovative fashion.”

Terence Pomroy, Curriculum Manager, Walsall College

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Terence Pomroy, Walsall College

“A very good course to understand the basic principles of accounting.”

Carole Boissat, Consultant, Capgemini Consulting

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Carole Boissat, Consultant

“I’d like to express my delight in this course – it’s quite simply superb. I always thought finance was extremely complicated and took years of study but having completed the course I thoroughly enjoyed it and feel confident applying what I’ve learned to both my own and my clients’ businesses.”

Richard Ashby, Small Business Owner

Richard Ashby, Small Business Owner

“The course provides a good foundation knowledge of accounting in a hugely accessible and interactive way.”

Freddie Pragnell, Consultant, Capgemini

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Freddie Pragnell, Capgemini

“Absolutely brilliant course that gave me a solid understanding of accounting fundamentals. The mini tests at the end of each training module were a really good way to cement the learning, and help understand certain areas with more clarity.

Jason Whitehouse, Consultant, OC&C


Jason Whitehouse, OC&C