“Very good and enjoyable – which for a finance course is rare.”

Lee Dobbins, Service Delivery Director, Capita

Lee Dobbins, Capita

“The training’s interactive format and game based structure make it a great way to truly understand and visualise the drivers of cashflow and value in a business.”

Ken Lever, Chairman, RPS Group

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Ken Lever, RPS Group

“Accounting Intuition’s training is a great way for non-finance people to gain a better understanding of the finance function in their own organisations.”

Charles Tilley, Executive Chairman of the CGMA Research Foundation, AICPA


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Charles Tilley, CIMA

“The instructor was personable and happy to answer specific accounting questions beyond the course contents. The training certainly applied a novel approach to teaching a difficult subject which overall I’d highly recommend.”

Lee Prout, Principal Analyst, Megabuyte


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Lee Prout, Megabuyte

“We see Accounting Intuition as an important part of our training programme and look forward to putting more of our staff through their training.”

Sam Reidy, Talent & Training Officer, OC&C


Sam Reidy, OC&C

“The interactive models really helped to drive the presented training material home and bring the subject to life. The business challenge was a definite highlight – it brought about some really healthy competition and kept everyone engaged to the end.”

Andy Phelan, Operations Director, Capita

Andy Phelan, Capita