The finance challenge

Understanding the accounting framework is crucial in order to interpret financial information correctly and make informed management decisions. Anyone who wants to contribute to their organisation’s success needs to understand how financial performance is measured and how their actions and decisions are likely to affect the business’s financial outcomes.

However, traditional financial training is often ineffective, because it is too complex, too technical, and frankly too dull. The result is a lack of engagement in finance training, with learning never understood properly in the first instance and quickly forgotten.


Charles Tilley
Charles Tilley
Chairman of the CGMA Research Foundation, AICPA

"Accounting Intuition's training is a great way for non-finance people to gain a better understanding of the finance function in their own organisations."

Our approach

We offer a unique approach to learning. Our business simulation models embed the underlying principles of finance in trainees’ minds, and helps them develop an intuitive understanding by enabling them to visualise accounting transactions. And by simulating real business scenarios, trainees can experience how to manage them and apply their learning.

Our training is fully accredited by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and counts towards continuous professional development (CPD) requirements. We offer free online courses, online certification for your employees and instructor-led training. Use our contact form to get in touch with your requirements to discuss if we can help.

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Our training is CIMA-accredited and counts towards continuous professional development (CPD) requirements.



Trainees learn through visual, dynamic financial models that remain in the mind’s eye & memory long afterwards.



Learners use simulation software to understand how companies fit together and manage real business scenarios.

Our free online courses are a great option for effective finance training that fits around people's work schedules. The courses are self-paced and get people up to speed on crucial finance and business concepts in a matter of hours. They are relevant for:

  • Non-financial managers needing to learn how accounting works and how business performance is measured
  • Professional services providers wanting to understand their clients' businesses better
  • Anyone whose job requires them to understand financial statements

There are 2 courses which form the syllabus for an optional online assessment. Students that take and pass it will obtain the CIMA Certificate in Business and Accounting Dynamics.


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If you'd rather have an instructor lead your staff through a course then this is the option for you. Our training course lasts 6 hours and gives people an overall introduction to finance. It can be delivered on-site in morning and afternoon sessions, or flexibly online. No prior knowledge is required.

Up to 12 people per training session

Trainees use our interactive models to learn accounting concepts

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£2,500 (+ VAT)

6 hours


An instructor and student

  • Accounting Transactions & Balances
  • Assets, Liabilities & Equity
  • Financial Statements: Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet & Cashflow Statement
  • Profit, Assets & Cashflow - how the financial statements are linked
  • Working Capital & Cashflow Management
  • The Operating Cycle
  • Financial Analysis - Profitability, Ratio & Trend Analysis

At the end of the training, your staff:

  • Are confident with financial principles, statements and terminology
  • Understand the relationship between cashflow, profit and the balance sheet, why cashflow is so important and how to manage it effectively
  • Understand how a business fits together, and how operational decisions affect financial outcomes